This site contains information about my research into my family genealogy. Some of the names I have researched are Thornton, Lally, Levangie, DeLorey, O’Brien, Barry, Herbert and McConnell. Some of the places I have scoured the most for genealogy records are Boston, Nova Scotia (Canada),  New Brunswick (Canada), Kilbannon and Tuam area (County Galway, Ireland).  My maternal grandfather’s family  (O’Brien)is from somewhere in the Ulster area of Ireland and my maternal grandmother’s family (Herbert) are from County Limerick.
I would like to thank all those people who have provided me information throughout the past few years, especially Pat O’Hora (Thornton Eviction Story), Harry McEachern (McConnell History), William Nye (Levangie History), Mary Ferguson (DeLorey History) and Bill and Darlene Thornton (Collaborating on Thornton Genealogy).